WAF / End point Protection

WAF / End point Protection

A web application firewall (WAF) defends the Layer 7 perimeter from malicious traffic. In other words, a web application firewall is one of the tools responsible for securing business-critical web apps from the OWASP Top 10, zero-day threats, known or unknown application vulnerabilities, as well as an array of other web application layer attacks that impact the community.

A WAF operates according to a set of rules or policies defined by the network administrator. Each WAF policy or rule is designed to address an application-level threat or known vulnerability. Taken together, the policies work to detect and isolate malicious traffic before it reaches a user or application.

There are three main types of web application firewalls:

  • Blocklist Web Application Firewall: A blocklist WAF, or negative security model, protects against known attacks by denying access to traffic.
  • Allowlist Web Application Firewall: An allowlist WAF, or positive security model, admits only traffic that is on a pre-approved list.
  • Hybrid Web Application Firewall: A hybrid WAF applies elements from both the blocklist and allowlist models.

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