GLBA Assessment

GLBA Assessment

Our GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) assessment evaluates to what extent your organization is compliant with federal GLBA regulations, a set of rules designed to ensure that you are handling and protecting your clients’ Non-public Personal Information (NPPI) properly.

The goal of a Tyler GLBA Risk Assessment is to ensure that the risks to GLBA-protected data and corresponding systems are recognized and properly managed. The outcome of the assessment should be used as a basis for risk management decisions and strategic planning. The objectives of a risk assessment are to identify and document the threats, controls, and residual risk level of associated critical information systems and supporting infrastructure.

Our GLBA assessment will:

  • Document data stores (both digital and paper).
  • Identify internal controls.
  • Determine the effective residual risk to customer information stored, processed and transmitted by your institution.
  • Provide risk reduction and/or security enhancement recommendations.

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