Digital Strategy

Development of the definition of business strategy

The digital strategy focuses on using technology to improve business performance, whether that means creating new products or remodeling existing processes. It specifies the direction that an organization will take to create new competitive advantage with technology, as well as use it to achieve these changes. This usually involves changes to the business model, as new technology makes it possible for innovative companies to provide services that were previously not possible. Today, technology has integrated with the business to become something more than hardware or software. As digital technology becomes more widespread and companies move forward in the journey of digital transformation, digital strategy and business strategy will be the same thing. For now, it is still useful to use the term “digital strategy” to focus the effort behind the digital initiative.

Digital Srategy

It is important to remember that digital strategy is a concept and a thing – that is, a digital strategy must ultimately lead to the creation of a concrete plan or roadmap. While you can keep changing the specific strategy you decide, there should also be a clear commitment to your understanding of digital mediums for your company. As an example, consider that your digital strategy (ultimate goal) is to monetize basic productivity software that your business has already developed and uses internally. First, you create a strategy (plan) to package it as a mobile app and sell it to different users. Later, you discover that if your business sells it to include it in its own mobile application, it has more value. Your strategy (end goal) did not change, but your strategy (plan) changed. Changing the guiding idea of ​​your digital strategy should require a large shift or recombination amount for your company, but ideally, concrete steps will be flexible allowing you to pivot as needed.

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