Development and Engineering

Development and Engineering Services

We understand how to best enhance processing designs to support seamless integration and precise project goals.

This includes incorporating environmental impacts into the design such as high temperatures on the treatment of concrete or moisture conditioning of earthworms, or considering remote locations such as transportation, logistics and support infrastructure. Technology and equipment selection are inspired by our international project database and our passion for ongoing research, innovation.

We collaborate with customer personnel, laboratories and other consultants, and leverage our strong relationships with key process vendors to enable greater value. Beyond all of this, our company’s integrated approach means that everything we design gives an in-depth consideration of constructability, operation and maintenance in the early stages of development.

In project development, from concept to feasibility studies, through detailed engineering design, we have globally recognized expertise such as:

Development and Engineering

  • Resource analysis and maximization
  • Process Selection and Design
  • Plant and material handling design
  • Crushing and Milling Design
  • My Site Infrastructure Design
  • Technical review and audit.


We have a reputation for optimizing design to achieve benefits such as increased yields or recoveries; Decreased capex and opex; Improved availability, security, access and schedule; And reduced the risk. One must combine experience and innovation to develop solutions tailored to the technical assessment of resources and technical needs. From crushers and conveyors to reclaim systems and tailoring, we challenge everything.

Our site layout, together with handling process and content configuration, is known to reduce upfront capital and footprint, with no compromise for performance. This includes stock infrastructure for bulk products and infrastructure related to product loadout systems. For Greenfield and Brownfield projects, we design effective expansion routes to drive growth in line with customer potential. For Brownfield sites, we are also skilled in minimizing interfaces and tie-ins for best support in active operations during construction.

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We help brands understand the digital role they can play in realizing strategic opportunities and solving real-world business problems, always focusing on the customer experience and the results generated.

Proven, fast, agile and reliable delivery methods

Use agile functionality, always keeping you in the loop. Streamlined delivery, cost-effective projects designed to match your goals, time and budget.

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Our mobile web developers create solutions that work seamlessly across all platforms and operating systems: smartphones, tablets or laptops or iOS, Android smartphones.

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Working with you and yours, project visibility will be complete from day one using email, phone, chat, Skype and Google Hangouts for clear, continuous communication.