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The cost of moving to a cloud platform has been steadily decreasing, making it an attractive option for enterprises of all sizes. Incorporating cloud automation as a part of the cloud migration can contribute to additional cost savings due to the increase in productivity and the reduction of errors.

As virtualization and cloud computing continue to rise in popularity, the tasks associated with managing these environments multiply, as does the associated workload. Manually deploying and operating functions such as scaling, provisioning, configuring resources, setting up virtual machines, and monitoring performance is repetitive, inefficient, and often prone to errors that can affect availability. 

Modern technology stacks are vast, dynamic, and ever-evolving, comprised of many different moving parts. Datacenter administrators are unable to shoulder the burden of configuring and deploying each and every component in real-time, while also identifying and implementing potential improvements.
Cloud automation is essential to a successful transition to leveraging cloud infrastructure and can include tasks such as automated storage and backups, managing security and compliance, changing configurations and settings, and deploying code.

Automation tools help ensure optimal performance from the system and its resources by streamlining activities that relate to cloud computing, and can further improve efficiency by reducing the need for IT teams to manage repetitive tasks or make decisions about capacity or performance in real-time. Utilizing automation to run workloads in a cloud environment rather than on-premises can maximize your budget and your resources.

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