Android App Development

Change your business with our Android application solution

CloudMesh is leading the Android App Development Company, which helps build strong Android applications that help your business grow rapidly.

Our Android App Development Service

We are one of the leading Android app development firms, with a variety of solutions that include:

Dynamic Android App

Our pool of talented developers with years of experience are full-blown, scalable, robust, and well-versed with top-notch Android applications.

Solutions For Your Enterprise

We provide expandable and high-performing Android apps that suit your enterprise and meet all your demands.

Transfer and Update Service

If you want to move your app to another platform or update an existing one. Our team can complete those tasks with full efficiency.

Consulting Services

Our experts with years of experience will advise you on the nuances of Android app development.

Support and Maintenance

Apart from Android app development services our team also provides 24x7 support and maintenance service to our customers.

QA and Test

Our QA experts always monitor your project from the initial stage until it starts working smoothly on all intended platforms.

Smarter, faster, and develop More powerful Android apps than ever

Android brings more changes for developers to reflect their app development practices than any other mobile platform.

Material design

Android uses a redesigned metaphor inspired by paper and ink, providing a reassuring sense of touchiness. Our designers have long been designing apps for Google's new design language called Content Design and are ready for Google's new design language.

64-bit apps

Google will require all Android apps for 64-bit debuts in August 2019. 64-bit apps, not only address more RAM, but also provide better platform security and performance. Apparently, we already build apps using 64-bit frameworks and native libraries.

Latest api level

Google updates its API level every year. Sometimes even twice a year. The new API level may deliver apps with new functionality. Fortunately, we provide support and development for the latest Android desserts and API levels. Android apps are backward compatible by default.

Daydream and ARCore

AR and VR are now a core part of the Android OS by Google to introduce Daydream and ARCore. Although the number of supported handsets is limited, support is growing well. Meanwhile, our Android app developers have already developed some apps.